Modern confort yet with timeless class for your meetings

Giuseppe_Garibaldi Charles-DickensThe Grand Hotel Londra was the first grand hotel built in Sanremo in 1861. In 2011 it celebrated its 150th birthday.

Throughout our history we have had the privilege of accommodating various illustrious personages such as Giuseppe Garibaldi, Charles Dickens, Franz List and English poet Caroline Sifford Philipson.

To this day you can still feel the flavor of bygone times in all the rooms. This, as well as the climate and charm of the Riviera, make our guests’ stay a truly fascinating and exclusive experience.

We are a special hotel, because we are special, as we are caring, kind, generous, welcoming and respectful of our customers.

Sea-water outdoor pool


Swimming Pool with sea water and for children, Umbrella and deck-chair, towel fee required.


Halls for parties and events

Services and conventions

Convention with 2 lidos in front of the hotel. Sandy beach with possibility of discounts for cables, beach umbrellas and lounges.

Limited, unguarded, free and car spaces cannot be reserved, until all available space is taken.

External Areas